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Building Leader Pipelines 
What We Do

SustainED Leaders partners with districts and universities to build education leadership pipelines in districts.  We work side-by-side with leaders to design and develop systems for attracting, selecting, preparing, developing, and retaining leaders. 

Attract & Select





Our Approach

Customized Solutions

We deeply understand the district context and design and develop customized solutions for each district.  

Attract & Select

​SustainED Leaders works with district leadership teams through the attraction and selection process of building a pipeline. Some of this work includes:

  • redesigning job descriptions

  • creating a vision of leadership

  • defining leader standards and competencies

  • using data for the selection process


We collaborate with districts to create leader pre-service preparation programs within the district or in partnership with a university. We help to create and when necessary facilitate professional development for candidates in the hiring pool.


Once leaders are officially in their designated role, we support the creation of an onboarding process, training materials, professional development planning and facilitation for the new role, and side-by-side coaching.


Research has shown that if education leaders feel supported, the organization has a higher retention rate. We believe that the development process helps with the retention of leaders. We also work with districts to create leader tracking systems, incentive systems, and opportunities for leader continued self-development.


What our partners are saying... 

"I have never worked with a consultant group who customized their work to fit the needs of the client as much as SustainED does - not even close!"

Director of Leadership Development, Arlington ISD

"SustainED Leaders is committed to exceptional products and services. Each member of their team is highly professional and works extensively to ensure that all products meet their standard of excellence by the agreed upon deadline. I am consistently blown away by the level and quality of their work. I cannot recommend this organization enough!"

Coordinator of Leadership Development, Arlington ISD

Our Partners

We partner with districts and universities to build leader pipelines in districts.

Partner with SustainED Leaders 

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