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Our Approach

Our Approach to Development

SustainED Leaders designs and facilitates coaching and training to develop educators' leadership skills. 

Leadership Skills

Personal Leadership

Leading for Equity and Excellence

We support each individual leader to develop his/her unique leadership identity.  Our coaches and instructors work with leaders to gain awareness of their personal strengths and areas of growth while modeling a belief system that is student-centered and grounded in equity and excellence for all.

We develop leaders' ability to question and confront biases, low expectations, and inequitable organizational systems so that students and families have access to exceptional learning and growth experiences.  Our organization supports leaders to act with cultural competence so that they can lead diverse teams and build the capacity of every student and adult in their school. 

Leadership Strategy and Systems

Instructional  Knowledge & Skills

Our programs focus on training educators to master specific leadership competencies that support them to lead courageously, strategically through the use of systems, and sustainably to achieve equity and excellence in their schools. 

We equip leaders with the instructional knowledge and skills that empower them to coach and support teachers and staff to implement high-leverage instructional practices that accelerate learning for all children. 

Focus on Instructional Core

SustainED Leaders supports educators to utilize the instructional core as a framework for leading instructional improvement in schools.  By using this framework, educators are better able to: 

  1. Develop a vision of excellence for practices that have the greatest impact on students' learning and growth

  2. Analyze classroom learning and identify high-impact strategies that accelerate learning for all students

  3. Design and implement instructional, data, and cultural systems to ensure engaging and rigorous learning experiences for all students





Research & Evidence-Based Practices

Our organization identifies research and evidence-based practices from diverse practitioners and researchers that have been proven to support leaders and teachers to achieve educational equity. 

Teaching and Learning

We develop education leaders to utilize: content-specific best practices, culturally-responsive teaching strategies, social-emotional learning, and high-impact instructional systems.  

Leading & Developing Adults

Our organization develops leaders to implement practices that help them create inclusive cultures, create and implement strategic plans, lead the change management process, and develop adults' capacity. 

Learning Sciences

SustainED Leaders utilizes the science of learning to design and facilitate its training and coaching.  By using the science of learning to design and deliver training and coaching, education leaders are able to develop a deeper understanding of concepts and achieve greater mastery of skills. 

Practice-Based Training

Team Meeting

We design and deliver trainings that actively engage education leaders in authentic practice of instructional leadership skills. 

Personalized Feedback

Education leaders receive personalized feedback that helps them generate a deeper understanding of concepts, refine instructional leadership practices, and master leadership competencies. 

Flexible Training Formats

Our organization delivers training and coaching in flexible formats to accommodate the needs of individuals, schools, and districts. In each training format, we engage educators in practice-based learning experiences focused on high-leverage topics.  

In Person

Virtual Team Meeting

Virtual training and coaching via video call

In-Person training and coaching 


Both virtual and in-person coaching and training


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